A High-Tech, Regional System

TPIMS was deployed along the eight-state region’s high-volume freight corridors using existing ITS infrastructure and emerging vehicle-detection and data-collection technologies. Monitored lots were selected based on factors such as trucking volume, parking demand and capacity for improvements. The vehicle detection systems used to monitor parking availability vary by state. The most common are in-ground sensors (magnetometer), gates and camera/video.

Based on input from trucking associations, commercial fleet operators and others, partner states opted to share free, real-time data feeds from select parking lots (public and private) in several ways, including dynamic messaging signs on the highways, navigation apps and in-cab navigation systems, and 511 traveler information websites.

Parking Data For Website and App Developers

Below are links to obtain truck parking availability data for use by website and application developers. This data is provided by each state in two data feeds. The first data feed includes parking availability data updated at least every 5 minutes for public and participating private truck parking locations. The second data feed includes metadata for the truck parking areas. Below are links to the two data feeds for each state and a link to register to obtain the data feed links.

The two data feeds from each state are consistently formatted. The following document provides a detailed description of the JSON format the two data feeds use.

TPIMS Data Exchange Specification Document

TPIMS Dynamic and Static Public Data Feeds by State

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Dynamic Public Feed
Static Public Feed

Email dev@tsps.io to register for data feeds

Registration Form

Dynamic Public Feed
Static Public Feed

Email GormanJ4@michigan.gov to register for data feeds

Dynamic Public Feed
Static Public Feed

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Email Christopher.Hager@dot.wi.gov to register for data feeds

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