Find Truck Parking When You Need It

How do you find out about open spots? It’s easy: Many apps and tools you’re already using incorporate TPIMS data and we anticipate others will follow suit.

The system is seamless as you drive from state to state. TPIMS has lot locations along major freight corridors in eight Midwestern states (Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio and Wisconsin). TPIMS includes both public rest stops and private truck stops.


Better Info on Your Navigation Tools

TPIMS Enabled Sign

Simply download any of the apps listed below to see available spots along your routes. Already a user? Make sure your app is up to date. In addition, in all the states except Iowa, dynamic message signs along the highways will let you know about availability ahead.

– Roadside signs
– 511 traveler information websites
– Smartphone apps
– In-cab navigation

511 Traveler Information Websites

INDIANA – Coming Soon

ILLINOIS – Available Now!

IOWA – Available Now!

KANSAS – Available Now!

KENTUCKY – Available Now!

MICHIGAN – Available Now!

MINNESOTA – Available Now!

OHIO – Available Now!

WISCONSIN – Available Now!

Private Mobile Apps and Websites

Private mobile applications and websites are also using the MAASTO TPIMS parking data. Several of the vendors are still finalizing their website and application updates to provide the information. Below are links to websites or smartphone applications.

Rack Cards and Postcard

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