With MAASTO TPIMS, It’s No Longer a Guessing Game

Do you struggle to find safe places to park as you manage your federal hours of service requirements? The federally funded Truck Parking Information Management System (TPIMS) provides drivers, fleet managers and owner-operators with up-to-the-minute parking availability along major freight corridors. With locations throughout eight states – Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio and Wisconsin – TPIMS helps you get the rest you need, so you can get back on the road, safely.

The eight partner states and the Federal Highway Administration anticipate many benefits for truck drivers and businesses. Cost savings, improved quality of life for drivers, fewer fatigue-related accidents and better compliance.

How TPIMS Works

The Challenge:
Long-haul truck drivers struggle to find safe parking.

The Solution:
TPIMS monitors parking spots and delivers real-time data to drivers.

Parking Information

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