The MAASTO TPIMS Partner States have concluded their TPIMS-related procurements as planned and on schedule.

Updated August 1. 2017

Indiana procurement has commenced with a letting date of August 9, 2017. The Indiana DOT recommends that interested vendors visit the “Doing Business with INDOT” page to find out more information.

Click on “View or Download Contract Letting Documents”. Enter the Contract number: 39437

Updated May 22. 2017

The Iowa Department of Transportation is looking for a qualified vendor to deploy, operate and maintain remote monitoring and detection equipment at public rest areas and private truck stops along the I-80 corridor in Iowa. More information on the RFP can be found {HERE}. The attached fact sheet also provides more information about the procurement process.

Key dates:

∙ May 19, 2017: RFP Release
∙ June 28, 2017: RFP Due
∙ Week of July 31, 2017: Presentations (by invitation only)
∙ August 11, 2017: Selection
∙ September 11, 2017: Notice to Proceed

Updated August 29. 2017

The Kansas Department of Transportation has released its RFP for statewide ITS services. The proposal can be found here. Search for contract 517092181. The project number is 106 KA 4235-05. Contractors must submit all questions through BidX. Letting is scheduled for Sept. 20, 2017. Letting information can be found here.

Updated August 7. 2017

The Michigan Department of Transportation has released information on their TPIMS procurement. Use the link below to download the pdf of the “Notice of Advertisement”. The advertisement can be found on page 14. Interested parties will need to login to MDOT’s eProposal site. Individuals without a login can sign up. Upon logging in, users can search for the project under the “Bid Information” section.

Letting for the project is September 1, 2017.

Notice of Advertisement (page 14)
MDOT eProposal Site 

Updated August 1, 2017

Minnesota DOT’s letting date was July 28, 2017. The procurement process in Minnesota is complete.

Updated March 13. 2017

The Ohio Department of Transportation has released a request for proposals (RFP) for construction and maintenance of the Ohio portion of the Truck Parking Information Management System. More information on the RFP can be found {HERE}. The attached fact sheet also provides more information about the procurement process.

Key dates:

  • March 13, 2017:     RFP release
  • April 4, 2017:         Pre-bid meeting Springfield, OH
  • May 11, 2017:         Bids due
  • May 22, 2017:        Selection announced

TPIMS-related procurement questions should be emailed to:


There is no individual notification for vendors of pending or released project-related Request for Information or Request for Proposal. Interested vendors should regularly check this page, as updates regarding potentialRFI/RFP releases will be posted here. The page also provides links to the procurement pages of the TPIMS Partnership transportation agencies. Those pages are the definitive source for individual state procurements related to this project.

Each TPIMS partner state is developing its procurement plans according to its internal processes and schedules. As each state releases an RFI or RFP, this site will be updated with links to the materials as soon as is possible. Because materials may be posted to state procurement websites sooner than they are posted here, we recommend you periodically check for notifications on state sites, listed above.

Plans call for an API for the parking data. The partnership will be developing a standard set of data definitions to be used across all states. At this point it is likely that each state will be distributing data through their own endpoint, using standard data feed elements. However, data will not be available until after deployment in September 2018.

Yes, Wisconsin is scheduled to deploy some truck parking facilities later this summer. However, this is separate from what is being planned through the MAASTO TPIMS. Inquiries concerning receiving data from that project should be directed towards Randy Hoyt with the Wisconsin DOT.