Schedule for Developing and Deploying the Project

The federal TIGER grant — the major funding for the Regional TPIMS — has an aggressive schedule with four major milestones: 

January 2019 – TPIMS Launch

Fall 2018  – Testing

Summer 2018 – ConstructionCompleted on time and on budget

Spring 2018 – Final DesignCompleted on time and on budget

2017 – Preliminary designCompleted on time and on budget.

TPIMS Sign Installation

Black and McDonald, the KDOT contractor deploying TPIMS along the I-70 corridor, works with dynamic sign vendor SESA to install and commission the first TPIMS sign. KDOT, its staff and KDOT’s consultant HNTB, also visited the installation to confirm that the signs and dynamic message sign modules were installed correctly and operational.

PHASE 2 is currently in progress.

This includes final design, procurement and deployment oversight.

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October 29 | TPIMS Tiger Grant

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April 26-27 | TPIMS Stakeholder Workshop

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June 7 | Vendor Forum

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June 8-9 | Partnership Task Force Workshop

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August 8-11 | MAASTO 2016 Conference

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November 28 | TPIMS Project Moves into Phase II

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January 6. 2017 | Iowa Public is Noticing the Demand for Truck Parking

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January 9. 2017 | INDOT Employee Goes National on Satellite Radio

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January 10. 2017 | 30-Year Freight Projections

The Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS) and Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) have release...
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January 23. 2017 | Wisconsin TPIMS Receives Support from Truckers

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January 24. 2017 | ATRI Parking Diaries Give Voice to Driver Struggles Finding Truck Parking

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March 13. 2017 | Ohio Department of Transportation Releases TPIMS RFP

The Ohio Department of Transportation has released a request for proposals (RFP) for construction an...
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March 27. 2017 | New Department of Transportation Statistics Released

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March 27. 2017 | The Cost of Finding Available Truck Parking

American commercial truck drivers lose the equivalent of $4,600 in wages annually just looking for a...
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March 27. 2017 | ATRI Releases Studies on Truck Parking and Delivering Real-Time Info to Truckers

"The American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) has released two truck parking studies. Condu...
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March 27. 2017 | TPIMS Highlight at National Conferences

Collin Castle, PE, of the Michigan Department of Transportations, a TPIMS partner, will present TPIM...
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