August 21. 2018 | TPIMS Project Manager Davonna Moore featured on Sirius XM Road Dog Radio

Davonna Moore was interviewed on live radio about the upcoming launch of the TPIMS system in January 2019.  To listen to a clip, click here.

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August 20. 2018 | TPIMS featured in July issue of Heavy Duty Trucking Magazine

Part of a joint initiative started in 2016 by eight of the 10 states that make up the Mid America Association of State Transportation Officials, TPIMS aims to provide a consistent, up to date, and free standard for reporting available parking along transportation corridors, the first of its kind on this scale. To read the [...]

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May 3. 2018 | TPIMS Project Manager, Davonna Moore, Featured in FleetOwner Article

Finding truck parking will soon be easier in eight mid-American states. The Truck Parking Information and Management System (TPIMS) is on schedule to debut along nine high-volume freight corridors by the summer of 2019 after a soft launch this fall, according to Moore. To read the full article, click here.

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March 26. 2018 | ATRI Asking Truck Drivers for Input on Key Research Initiatives, Including Truck Parking, at Mid America Trucking Show

ATRI is surveying drivers on truck parking issues on behalf of the Mid America Association of State Transportation Officials at the Mid America Trucking Show in Kentucky this week. To read full details, click here.

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March 8. 2018 | U.S. Funding Truck Parking Initiative

Federal funding has created an eight-state initiative to begin tackling the nation’s truck parking problems – beginning with Iowa’s plans to make parking easier along Interstate 80. For full article, click here.

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February 21. 2018 | MnDOT Hopes New Technology Helps Find Truckers Places to Sleep

Minnesota news station KSTP discusses with a truck driver the difficulty of finding parking spaces on Interstate 94. Click here for the full article.

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January 24. 2018 | ATRI Survey Identifies Safe Parking as a Top Concern for Trucking Industry

Three of the top five trucking industry concerns relate to drivers’ ability to easily and quickly find safe parking, according to an annual survey conducted by the American Transportation Research Institute. ATRI’s Top Industry Issues Survey identified the electronic logging device mandate, limits on hours of service and available truck parking as key issues reducing [...]

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January 19. 2018 | Iowa’s Truck Parking Information Management System to Debut in 2019

Iowa's truck parking information management system is slated to be fully operational by Jan. 4, 2019. For the full article by the National Safety Council click here.

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January 4. 2018 | Iowa DOT Working with Other States on Truck Parking System

Radio station KMA describes the need for the regional Truck Parking Information Management System based on traffic along Iowa's I-80 corridor. Click here for the full article.

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December 21. 2017 | Business Magazine for Truckers Highlights Kansas TPIMS Installation

Land Line Magazine speaks to the regional Truck Parking Information Management System and project progress within the state of Kansas in their December 19 article found here.

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